August 05, 2016

We have been very upfront about our mission. To Make wine fun again. To remove the pretentiousness and bring it back to it's roots: sharing with friends.

Nomacorc Virtual Winery ArticleNomacorc just released a brilliant article about how virtual wineries such as ourselves. Here is a little excerpt:

Perhaps no wine brand echoes that sentiment as loudly as Rebel Coast Winery, whose three founders range in age from 26 to 30. With a tag line of “Not your parents’ winery,” Rebel Coast eschews deep-rooted notions of wine, with messaging featuring bathing-suited millennials drinking from bottles (literally) called “Sunday Funday” and “Reckless Love.”

“We’re not trying to be elegant or sophisticated,” co-founder Doug Burkett said. “We wanted to be—not flashy, but show we can be just as edgy and fun as any microbrewery.”

The company makes easy-drinking blends from Sonoma and Paso Robles grapes that aren’t described on the label. Says Burkett, “When somms [ask] why doesn’t it say the blend on the bottle, we say no one gives a sh*t.”


Read the full article  here.