September 16, 2016


VW bus, 1962 VW type 2, vw bus camping, secret camping ca, California, Rebel Coast Winery, Cool wine

So this whole weekend started off as a second date for Chip and a beautiful Brazilian. Chip’s cousin Philip was also in town, so the goal was to head to Big Sur, and camp on a deserted beach there to get some spear fishing done. We were pretty much packed up and ready to go when Google Maps informed us it was 369 miles away….. 

Which in a normal car would only be a 7 hour road trip. The problem is none of the Rebel Coast VW’s, Jeep’s or Ural’s can go above 60 mph. Hahahha. So we loaded up the 1962 VW bus with surfboards, dive gear and some wine and headed to up the coast anyway. The goal was to find a cool campsite and then call our friends to meet us wherever. No joke, we pulled over at ever legal camping ground only to find them so crammed pack with little kids running around and people car-camping. We were over it. (Also ever campground was totally full).


Santa Barbra Bridge, Secret camping California, fog, A little north of Santa Barbara the three of us just started pulling over at ever highway beach turn-out, hoping the gates were unlocked. About 45 minutes into this we found it…. It was heaven. This little turn out lead straight down a cliff to the beach! We hiked down right as the fog was rolling in and called Kate, Preston, Austin and a bade to come meet up.   My cousin and I gathered just enough firewood to keep the lights on before it the sun set, and we set up camp.

High tide left just enough beach for 4 tents, a bonfire and a naked dance party. The water was not much to surf, and we forgot to fill the scuba tanks up, so the only thing we could do was go for a late night swim, which was freezing.

Preston waded out into the water to take this, but here is what the bridge would look like if you on a boat :)

Everyone remembered the booze, but totally forgot food, so we woke up hung over and starving! Santa Barbara was only 25 minutes away so we all packed up and headed there for breakfast. When we “Yelped” the best breakfast spot it took us to what must have been the nicest restaurant in SB. We rolled in hot and heavy.

After about two dozen mimosas and some bomb food, we started talking about just getting an Air BnB in Santa Barbara instead of driving home and we all agreed to split one. (Kate we got verbal confirmation from you too)

Chip found a sick Yurt on top of a mountain right above where we camped and we headed up to it. Kate and Preston bailed back to LA, lame. (I’m thinking b/c Kate missed her dog but can’t be sure) and our other two friends went wine tasting and stopped at Ostrich Land on the way there.


It was a freaking miracle that the VW made it up the 30 minute mountain climb to get there, but once we all got to the Yurt for some reason it sounded like a good idea to carry the patio furniture to the tip top of the mountain and watch the sun go down, and here was the view.

It was a great night of drinking and I want to say more drinking, and when we woke up Monday morning we were all feeling it, we reluctantly loaded up, stopped for breakfast burritos in SB and made it back to LA by noon.

All in all it was a great weekend!