October 14, 2016

Well, it started out like any other Saturday… We were going to ride a 300-horse power death trap Sea Doo from Los Angeles to Catalina Island, 27 miles away. The thing about the Southbay is there are no boat launch ramps near us, so to get small crafts in the water you have to use a crane to lower things in. Kate is the only one of us with a trailer hitch, so we traded the VW bus for her Jeep for the weekend. 

We had everything a good crossing required: Music, Champagne, pirate wench dresses and our buddies following us in their boat. In traditional fashion, I was ripping the Sea-Doo full speed ahead at 65 mph (and before anyone says this is crazy, we successfully did it last year).

Like a real idiot, I hit a big ass wave going a little too fast, launching us off the beast of a death trap. After a few speed induced front flips, I hit the water and quickly surfaced laughing, only to find Cass crying.

Our buddies on the boat, circled back and we got Cass on their boat to inspect the damage. Looked like nothing at all.  However, she kept saying her leg was broken, but we could not see any bruising and really wanted to get to the island so gave her a hard time about it, obviously.

“Cass, it’s just a sprain, suck it up, let’s keep going!” was said multiple times


We got X-rays and sure enough, I broke the poor girl's leg in two places :/ We spent the next 4 days checking into the hospital in the a.m. and hobbling out at night.
Cass ended up getting a plate put in her poor little leg and now we are nursing her back to health.

If you want to send her get well soon wishes, or tell her how bad of a driver I am; her Instagram is Instagram is @yourgirlcassie

And yes, if the weather keeps being Southern California, and there are 6-8 weeks with no weight on her now reinforced leg, we are going to try it again.